Wine Counselling

SEAIN is an expertise Firm in the wine sector, both at the legal and tax levels. This experience arises from the professional career of its founding partners, and has also been acquired during the 30 years the Firm has been providing quality services to its clients in this sector. This expertise has become an intangible asset at client’s disposal in matters including:

  • Law on Designation of Origin and Geographical Indications at both, national and European Union level.
  • Traditional terms, labelling and presentation of wine products.
  • Promotion, marketing and advertising of alcoholic beverages.
  • Authorization for new vine plantings. Authorizations to producers grubbing up an existing vine planting.
  • Protection of wine-growing landscapes.
  • Domestic and international commercialization of product (representatives, agents and commercial distributors).
  • Functioning of the food supply chain (formalization of compulsory contracts).
  • Disciplinary and Sanctioning procedures.
  • Authorized oenological practices.