Félix S. Pérez and Javier Crespo, for Seain, participated in a new day of work within the Platform in Defense of the Rioja Landscape. Representatives of the City Council and the Platform have set up a commission responsible for drafting a Popular Legislative Initiative (ILP) which proposes that the La Rioja Parliament draw up a special plan of protection against new electrical infrastructures.

The presentation of this initiative is a further step in the series of actions carried out between the Platform and the City of Haro in Defense of the Landscape of Rioja. The platform is integrated by winemakers such as Jorge Muga and Julio López de Heredia; Santiago Vivanco representing the Vivanco Foundation, the professor of the UR Emilio Barco, the anthropologist Luis Vicente Elías or the balloon pilot Óscar Ayala. Natalia Olarte is the  president.

News published in Diario La Rioja Landscape of the vineyar

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