ADER convened on March 27 the new grant line of the Rapid Action Innovation Check (CHR) for the reduction of the Coronavirus impact (COVID-19). 70% of the following expenses will be subsidized: legal, economic, financial and management advice or request for benefits or aid, linked to the business management of the pandemic. The limits of the aid are: maximum of 500 euros for individual companies, and 1,000 euros for other companies.

ADER has informed of the next call for aid. On the one hand, we will have the usual subsidies that we already know from previous years, with a budget of 31 million euros. But, more importantly, new aid will be announced focused on the situation of the Covid-19 for a total of 34 million euros.

The new aid will take effect retroactive to April 2 for companies that have already made investments. They will be focused on:

  1. Liquidity (5.1 million euros). They include the aforementioned Covid Checks, as well as loans guaranteed by Iberaval.
  2. Safe return to work centers (6 million euros): hiring mutual companies to advise companies on returning to business, purchase of partitions, redistributions, access control, thermography equipment …
  3. Business reactivation (23.3 million euros): Telecommuting, rearranging work shifts, acquiring assets for business reactivation and connectivity. Subsidies for shops (new changing rooms, changes in rooms, arrangement of establishments), innovation plans in commercial management (marketing, studies and business plans, advice …) plans for technological implementation (online stores, management software or hardware). Subsidies may go up to 40%

We will inform you promptly of the call. We are at your disposal to provide you with the advisory, information and processing services you need.

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