The announcement in 2018 of subsidies for the promotion of applications for patents and utility models in Spain and abroad has already been published. Announcement

Deadline for submitting applications: June 19, 2018

The two existing subsidy lines are presented in the call:

  1. Program for the Promotion of Applications for Patents and Utility Models Abroad.- Aimed at individuals, SMEs, large private companies and non-profit private institutions without dependency or links to the public sector. The maximum individualized amount of the grants awarded will be 60,000 euros for each of the applicants in this call, except in the case of SMEs or individuals, in which the maximum individualized amount will be 65,000 euros.
  2. Program for the Promotion of Spanish Patent and Utility Model Applications.- Directed to individuals and SMEs. The total amount of grants awarded in this call may not exceed the amount of 95,000 euros.

Both programs are compatible and allow up to a subsidy limit of 90% on the amount of the costs incurred in the utility model application and in the case of patents, both the patent application and the EIT or the mention of the IBI has been published during the years 2015, 2016 and until June 30, 2017 (provided they have not received a grant in the previous calls for these grants).

On the OEPM website – Aids and subsidies – Aid for the promotion of patent applications and utility models, all the necessary additional documentation is available: help manual and technical requirements to fill out a request for help, FAQ, additional forms, etc. Electronic office

We are at your disposal to manage obtaining these attractive grants in the best conditions. Ask us.

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